Monday, May 28, 2007

Last working week!!

This must be one of the few mondays in my life when I'm not hating the fact it's monday..LOL, that's because this is my last working monday before my maternity leave! I'm so happy, I am REALLY tired, I'm not sleeping well at all, I keep waking up in the middle of the night, not only to go peeing, but also because I'm having a hard time finding a comfortable position. It seems when I sleep to my right side, I press something because then I wake up with a huge the left side, I feel a little uncomfortable, my left arm can't seem to find a correct way to be ....and lying on my back, it's impossible, I feel all my weight over my back and it's really painful....So well, this maternity leave really comes in at a good time...

Officially in my country, working women have maternity leave from week 34 on (42 days before birth) and then 84 days after the baby is doctor will give me the permission from week 32 on (because it's allowed to start the maternity leave up to 2 weeks before the official date, assuming the baby will be born earlier), because I'm really tired and my baby is big and all....

Also I'm happy because the nursery is taking form!! We had the room painted on saturday, a wonderful light blue, pretty light! This week the crib and changer will be ready (hopefully), so then I can start to wash the clothes and put them in the drawers and all. Quilt and protectors are ready, curtains are ready....this is getting pretty exciting!!!

Hope everyone has a nice week!!!


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Hoping said...

So exciting!


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