Monday, February 05, 2007

15 weeks

Starting my 15 weeks much news, my belly is growing and growing, which is cool and depressing at the same time...I'm never sure if it's growing because it has to grow, or because I'm getting too fat! Next monday I have an appt with my OB/Gyn, I hope I haven't gained that much weight since the last time I went there!

This is my last week before my vacations, and I'm really desperate for them to come! I can barely work, I'm so distracted!! So I hope this week goes by really fast (I doubt it!)!!!

We're heading to Argentina again, this time to the south (the place where we're going is called Villa La Angostura, is near Bariloche, in a lake called Nahuel Huapi), for 1 week, and then another week in my family's house at Villarrica Lake. The first week of vacations, we're staying partly here and partly we're going to a friend's house in the country, about 2 hours from here. So there, I hope we can rest a lot, disconnect a lot, and enjoy as much as possible our last "honeymoon" vacations LOL!!!!