Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bottom-down position

Yesterday I went to the OB/GYN, everything's ok with me, sugar levels, biochemical levels, blood levels....but little M hasn't turned around yet, he's still bottom-down! E baptised him "little buda", regarding his "sitting" position!

I'm a little worried, at 34 weeks most babies have already turned around (doctor said something like 85%-90% of the babies)...he says there's still a chance he can turn, but if by week 36-37 he's still bottom-down, we'll have to schedule a c-section....and I really don't like that idea! I mean, I know there's a lot of women who have c-sections all the time, but I still prefer the vaginal birth!!!

In fact, last night I had a really hard time going to sleep, thinking about all this....well, I know there's still a chance he turns around, but something tells me he'll stay just like that until the end...

I've read some "techniques", like crawling or putting a light in the lower abdomen, but then I think I may be forcing destiny and that something bad may happen if I try to force things....but then again, I think I should take the opportunities I have and do whatever I can to make little M turn around...so there I am, anxious, nervous, scared...and a little angry because AGAIN things are more difficult for me than for my friends, who have had easy labors and of course, all vaginal!! But then again, it's never good to be always comparing to the rest...so I'll try to focus in my own pregnancy and my own feelings!

Sorry I'm a little disperse today....

Monday, June 04, 2007

First maternity leave day!

Today is officially my first day at home (last weekend doesn't count)...it's been great! Although I admit it's hard to get used to this new lifestyle, I mean I still feel I'm running to do things, when I have more than 1.5 months to do everything!

Anyway, it's been very relaxing, specially because I know I still have plenty of time!!

I'm still working from home, that was the agreement. See, in my country, maternity leave is payed, that means you continue to receive your whole income (payed by the state), but it has a limit, and my income is above that limit, so I had to negociate with my boss (= uncle) that the company would pay me the difference so I could receive my whole income. This is pretty common, because it's very unfair that people with higher incomes must see their budget reduced. At least I can't afford to live with half of my income for nearly 5 months!...specially considering my income represents about 60% of our total house income!

So, that explanation was to say that I told my uncle I would still be connected from home, and will continue working my whole leave...of course it's different and everybody at my office knows I'm "out", so they don't bother me (or at least haven't today) as always!!

I'm going now to an U/S!!!! friday I went to the doctor, he found me ok, only my BP he considered was a little high (130/80) but I'm sure it was because I was so nervous because he was going to check my cervix and all....but well...oh! and last week I also took a glucose test, it was down to 99 (the limit!), so I was very happy!!

So that's how I'm doing, will update with the U/S results, I'm pretty excited considering I haven't seen little M since week 23 (now I'm at week 32!)....

See ya!!