Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All's well...

I hadn't written in some days because I was ordered to rest...this was because of the brownish CM that appeared on sunday, and then again on tuesday and on wednesday.

Thank God everything's ok! Yesterday I had another U/S to check on the baby and there it was, his/her heart pounding like crazy!!!

So then we went to the doctor and even as he told us that any brownish thing isn't a good sign, it doesn't necessarily mean that something's wrong with the baby, but if it happens again, I must rest again, to prevent any further problem.

In fact, this morning I had a little something, but as the doctor said that "one little something" wasn't to care about, I came to work anyway, but if it continues, I will certainly go home....I'd rather exaggerate than be sorry!!!

So well, that's my news for now!!

Oh and yesterday we had our 2nd anniversary, so the good news from the u/s were certainly the best gift for us!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

A little worried

Well, my Mendoza trip was very nice, we had a great time....and the curvy road was a little nauseaous but there was a 4 hour waiting line at the customs so I could rest a lot there LOL...but it was very very nice!!!!

The thing about my title, is that yesterday I went to pee and as I wiped, I found a brownish CM....I showed it to E (TMI I know), and well, I lay in bed all afternoon. Of course it was only one time, and it wasn't much, and as I said, it was the usual CM but darker you know?? I know it's not strange that thes things happen, but I couldn't help remembering my m/c were it started with something similar I think...I'm not sure, it may have been different, but I'm really scared....

I was planning on telling my friends today, but now I'm having second thoughts, I dread to tell them and then tomorrow have bad news you know? So I think I'll wait a few days more, to see how this turns out....

Anyway, I'm still having a lot of nausea and cramping, so that calms me a little...

I'll keep you informed!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Everything's ok!!

Well, the U/S went great!!!!!
We saw the little one, with his/her heart beating a lot!!!! 122 (I don't know the name in english, pulses per minute??), and we even heard it!!!! It was very very very emotive. E couldn't believe it, he was so so happy!!!

So now we can relax for a while, Dec 18th I have an appointment with my OB/GYN to check on the exams and show him the u/S....

I'm very very happy!!!! I hope everything continues to be ok!!!

Have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


No, I'm not stucked...nausea is stucked in my body, and I don't like it very much...today I've felt slightly better, really slightly...I had a bigger breakfast today and brought two jello's (I don't know the word but it's the flavored jelly I think) so I was pretty much ok until 11.30 - 12 am, not perfect but managing...but now I'm feeling a little worse....

Despite the calmness that these symptoms give me, I'm a little worried about our upcoming little trip, I mean, we have to cross over the mountains!! The Andes Mountains!!! So that means a veeery curvy road....special for nausea!!! And well, being there and feeling bad, it's certainly something I don't want!!! I only hope that if I have a big breakfast and take some food for the road, I will be able to manage!!!!

On another subject, I'm a little pissed with my friends...university friends...see, I tend to be a natural organizer, I don't know how but I always end up organizing things. But along with that, I'm pretty structured, so I like things to be well defined as soon as possible.

So now I was organizing the "secret friend" (It's a typical game here that's "played" in Christmas time, that consists in that you put everyone's name in a bag and then everybody takes out one paper and whoever she/he gets, it's the person she/he has to give a Christmas present...it's used mainly at work (so you don't have to give everyone a present) or in big groups, sometimes in families also), and one friend offered her house to get together to give out the gifts, and everyone agreed...but then, late in the afternoon, another one says "it can be in my house too"....I know there's nothing wrong, apparently...but for me, the organizer, it sucks, because that means waiting for EVERYONE to agree or not agree, of course half of them don't read their mails because they're "so busy working", so then come the infinite calls "where is it?"....so I decided that we should stick to the original plan and do it in the first friend's house.

But to my closest friends (with whom we write emails everyday) I told them I was upset....but my friends (one of them) considered there was nothing wrong and that I was too complicated....

But then again, I'm the one organizing, so if they don't like my style, I don't do it...I mean, it really pisses me off that people think they have the right to criticize and make you feel bad for your organizing style, when they're not able to do it, you know what I mean? So next year I will tell that "relaxed super cool" friend that she organizes it....see if she finds it that easy to coordinate 17 working girls, most of them with kids and all...

I'm sorry, I really needed to get this out!!!!

Will keep you informed about tomorrow's u/s...although it's at 6 pm (-4 or 3, I'm not sure due to summer hours gmt), and then we have to pack because we're leaving friday at sunrise!! like 6 am!, but well, I'll try to leave some update!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This week I've definitively started to get some evidence that I'm really pregnant...LOL, of course my boobs are sore from the beginning but now I'm starting to feel nauseous more and more everyday...in fact today was my first "puke"....LOL!!!

I've come to discover that the more hungry I feel, the more nauseous I feel too....so this morning, I woke up feeling bad, so I didn't have all my regular breakfast...result, I was starving by 10 am....but I have lunch at 2.30 pm!!! so I bought some cereal bar, that only made me feel worse, the smell of it was disgusting, so I only bit one little piece...then, near 1 pm, I had to go to the bathroom....but as I hadn't eaten almost anything...there was barely nothing to throw out...but it was pretty horrible....

I'm also feeling progressively tired....I just dream of my bed half the day...and my productivity at work has decreased considerably...which is making me a little worried...I just hope next week I can work better!!

So there you go...I, as all of you before me, despite feeling physically lousy...feel emotionally very satisfied...or at least calm...as I've known forever that having symptoms mean that everything's going great....

Well, 2 more days for the u/s, that will give me some piece of mind for at least the weekend I think! LOL...but to be truth, I haven't felt that nervous...which is very curious....

Will keep you informed!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Clean and free!!!

Well, of course I'm alright, no VIH, no nothing!!!!

I admit though, as I was waiting for the nurse to give me the results, I was REALLY nervous, trembling and with my heart pounding like crazy!! But well, everything's ok. I only have to do some urine tests next week but I'm not worried at all....I'm not even worried about a high number that appeared in my hemogram, that Dr. Google said it meant a HUGE infection, but I think it's the antibiotics, because how could I have that huge infection if I'm on antibiotics!

So now it's all about waiting for the u/s next thursday, but until now, I'm not worried...LOL...

I really hope things turn out ok, because I'm starting to firmly believe this baby is going to be fine!!

Have a nice weekend!!