Monday, January 29, 2007

14 weeks!

Well, here I am at 14 seems so much...yet still so little! I'm definitively off that hideous first trimester, and I have this very pointed (pointy?) belly that looks pretty cool I think...specially today that I'm really bloated LOL!

There's no much to tell, only that I went shopping on saturday and bought some maternity clothes, because as I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks I needed them sort of urgently. And it was a very good purchase because summer clothes are all on sale, so I bought a lot of things (not that much, it's just that it sounds a lot because I didn't have ANY maternity clothes): 2 t-shirts plus 1 for a couple of weddings I have in march and april, a pair of jeans, and 2 capri pants. Today I also bought another pair of pants...

I finally "arranged" things with my mother...not quite, because we didn't talk about our discussion anymore, but now we're friends again I'm very happy, I really missed her a lot. In fact, on thursday, after we had reconciled (is that a word?), I was at home and started crying..a lot! E didn't understand what was happening to me...I think it was a mix between crazy hormones and a way of getting all the tension of my "fight" with my mom, out...

That's my life for now, I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating at work, vacations are so close that it's very hard to continue working! 9 more working days and I'm out for 3 whole weeks!...I really can't wait!

Monday, January 22, 2007

U/S #3!!

Hi everyone!
I just came back from my 13 week u/s, and I must say, everything looks great!!
I was so overwhelmed to see an actual baby that I didn't even cry! I was more like in shock.
So size is ok, there's no apparent problem, and well, everything's right on track!

I really feel very very relieved now, I know there's always a tiny risk and all, but seeing that the baby is growing fine and his/her heart beating and everything makes everything so more real.

I still can't quite believe the idea of having a baby in my arms (hopefully) in 6 months, it's very surrealistic and yet so incredible!

So now I'm very very happy, with the only "black spot" in my life that is my mom, who's not talking to me...all because I told her some truths about her life, but still, it's been more than a week and it wasn't anything that traumatic. Anyway, I'm a little sad because she's missing this important event in my life, all because her stupid pride and resentment. I already said I'm sorry, tried to get together, but she still can't forgive me...if there's anything to forgive by the way.

So well, I'll try to enjoy despite her stupidity, and finally, she's the one missing it, not me!!!

See ya!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Peeling off and stomach ache

After my not-so-nice sunburn I told you about, now I'm entering the itching-peeling phase, which I'm not sure I like a lot more than the other phase. I mean, I really prefer to feel itchy than in pain, but it's pretty unpleasant least I'm starting to get a little brownish, instead of the bright pink from the beginning!

About my stomach, Sunday was really bad (I think I already told you that), with diarrhea and all (sorry!), but it has continue coming and going this whole week, not as strong as sunday, but yet, I've been having some intestinal problems that have me a little intrigued. Not worried, but curious. See, since getting pregnant I've had serious issues "going" to the bathroom, you know what I mean, so now, this "easiness" it's a little strange for me, unusual...but well, at least it will be useful when I go to the doctor tomorrow and have my stomach quite "clean" LOL!

This week I also had the "visit" of those brownish-pinkish-orangish CM I had some weeks ago. I was a little worried, but stopped worrying, I think it's definitively some "capilar fragility" I read about, or maybe just another symptom unique for me LOL.

Related to my "worries", I'm a little confused with counting the weeks. Now I'm like 12 ww+3 days, but I'm getting a newsletter (What to Expect when you're expecting) that's saying "You're in week 13". So if somebody asks me, I'm in week 12 or 13? because I know this is my 13th week, but for example, I'm 28 years old and 8 months, but I'm not saying "yes I'm 29"...

So that newsletter confused me a little, I even went to check on my EDD, but it was ok.

Anyways, my question is more related to knowing if I'm already out of the "risky 1st trimester" or not? as to stop worrying once and for all I mean!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

12 weeks and burning!!

Here I am, at 12 weeks now! I'm so happy...although paranoic me still has some worries, but they are going away pretty fast!!

About the "burning" that I put in the title, it's because we went to the beach last weekend, and I got a horrible sunburn...HORRIBLE, I'm totally pink-red, but the worst of all is that it hurts like hell! Well, today's a little better, but it still hurts...

I'd read that skin gets more sensitive in pregnancy, but really, I never thought it could be that much, even my toes are red!!!

Anyway, I learned my lesson, so for the rest of the summer, I'll be sure to avoid tanning so much, and use a really high sun protector!!!

On other news, things have been going pretty well on the pregnancy department, I'm having less and less nausea every day, so that's pretty cool...I get a little afraid sometimes, but I've read everywhere that around this week, symptoms start to decrease and eventually dissapear!

This friday I have an appt with my Ob/Gyn, I hope he doesn't find me too fat (I've gained something like...mmm 10 pounds? no, I checked in a converter, it's more like 7 pounds (between 6 and 8)), so not that bad...I think!!!

Well, nothing more to tell, I'm looking forward to my vacations (3.5 weeks from now), I'm so tired, I can't work very well...and it has been reaaally hot around well...

Will keep you posted!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

11 weeks!

Well, I'm now officially 11 weeks...which I find pretty cool! I mean, I'm only 1 week away from the so-waited 12 weeks milestone...well, technically I'm 2 weeks away (considering the end of 12 weeks), but well, I'm just there...and as the days go by, and my symptoms fail to go away, I feel more and more confident...

Of course I'm still scared, because my "clever" mind only remembers those cases of 12 week m/c (my mom for example), but as I already said, I have a lot of symptoms, constantly: boobs hurt really bad, specially in the morning, I believe it's because I sleep on my sides; nausea every morning, never puking, but always feeling crappy; hungry-fatigue, and what has been my main worry these days: constipation and bloating and gases (sorry TMI). I went to the supermarket the other day and bought many "fiber" things: fiber bread, fiber cereals, fiber cookies...and I've been eating them A LOT, only to read (after I'd ate everything): do not increase your fiber ingest so abruptly, it will only make you gassy....oh dear...should've least it improved a little the "constipation" issue....

Anyway, I've been so worried about that, and also about my HUGE belly (it's really not normal), which is related with the bloating, that my fears of loosing the baby are back in my head...but I really really hope I can manage to get to the famous 3 months (just to be sure), for several reasons (besides m/c):
- every person who gets to know the news, after congratulating me, they say: "take care, the first 3 months you have to take good care"...I'm really sick of hearing that! like I was some kind of stupid...

- I will finally be able to walk with my huge belly without feeling so fat (I mean, after 3 months you are allowed to have some belly, aren't you?). For example, last friday in the supermarket (buying "fiber"), while waiting in line, I sat in the chair of the next line (that was empty), and the lady that was paying in my line looked at me in a funny way, so I told her "my back hurts a lot", and she asks: "how many months?" or something like it was SO obvious I was pregnant!! (2.5 months, you get the point, I shouldn't be showing so evidently!), and I said "around 3" (E afterwards told me I should've said 5 or 6, to shut the stupid lady down), and she started giving me a speech about how I shouldn't be so tired, that afterwards it could be so worse, that I was so young to get tired so soon, that every pregnant woman should make exercise...that she had 2 kids (they were like 26 and 21!!!) and so was SO awkward!!!!!

- Every person who has ALREADY touched my belly will be able to feel a pregnant belly (as opposed to a bloated and fat belly). It really makes me VERY unconfortable to be "touched" so often. I mean, my mom can touch my belly, my dad (who hasn't by the way), my brothers and sisters....even my MIL (which is a little uncomfortable indeed) or SIL....but come on! today I ran into a lady that works here...I'm like her boss's boss's boss (get it? there are 2 bosses in between) and there she goes with the touching and "how's the baby?"....OMG!! It's not the point that I'm her boss or anything, it was to explain it isn't someone who I have a lot of contact with...and well, the list is neverending...I've really come to hate that can they not think that I'm just 2.5 months (this started at least a month ago....go figure), that probably I have nothing there....and well, what do they have to touch anyway!!! I mean, MAYBE when you're 7, 8, 9 see if the baby kicks, but this isn't even that, because it's like a "greeting touch", they just place their hand on my belly (over my shirt of would be too much if they wanted to touch my bare skin belly!) for just 1 or 2 seconds, but it's equally one goes around touching other people's body parts, but there, you get pregnant and you automatically get a "please touch me" sign....I really can't get it...

Well, that are my news this week...I can also tell you that it has been a really hot summer so far, with very high temperatures, that don't go down at night, so we've been pretty much frying down here!!

So there you go, a lot of information for your entertainment!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well, I hope this year brings everyone joy and happiness and the fullfillment of your dreams!!!!

I haven't written on the last couple of weeks mainly because there hasn't been much going on lately....I'm currently 10 weeks now, and I hope everything's going fine! My next appt is on January 19th...and next u/S, I don't have the least idea, because my doctor isn't very fond of u/s's, so he'll probably tell me to have one before I go on vacations, that is, february 10th (here we are in summer!), so I have a long time to wait....which I don't like very much!! Specially considering that there's a friend of mine who has the EXACT time than me, and she went to the doctor last week and had an u/s and she was telling me how amazing it was to see the head, eyes, legs, and so on....I was so jealous!!!! LOL.....

But well, I have to stick with my actual doctor, I'm not going to change just to have more u/s's, don't you think??? LOL....

I've felt relatively well, I have a lot of nausea but no puking....also I'm VERY tired, constantly tired, no matter how much I sleep, I'm always sleepy, boobs still hurt but now the pain is mainly in the nipples...curious!

For more than a week now, or more, I haven't gotten any of that brownish CM, just some yellow-green or strange colors, but always light colors, and for the most of it, I've stopped worrying (E has been crucial in helping me not to worry that much) about every little thing that comes out of me...I've come to the conclusion that if it was something really serious, there would be a LOT of "something" coming out of me...LOL....

So well, it's just 2 more weeks of worrying, but to be true, as the days and weeks go by, I feel more and more confident!!! I just hope everything turns out ok, not only for E and me, but for everyone for example, my MIL is REALLY happy (even though this would be her ninth grandson/granddaughter), she already made some cute little wool shoes, and bought us some socks...SIL also (E's SIL actually....his brother's wife) family is also very excited, so it would be such a dissapointment for everyone I think....better not think about that really!!!!

Well, so I've been pretty good, I just hope everything continues to be fine, and that I can relax completely and start talking more freely about the baby!!!

Have a great year and I'll keep you posted!!!