Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Doctor appt

On friday I went to my OB/GYN for my mensual appt. He found everything perfect regarding the baby, he said it's a big baby, a "normally" big baby (not pathologically big), and well, he found my legs less bloated and my pressure was good too.

The only "problem" was that I had gained a little too much weight...again! I was very angry, because I'm sure it was because I was really bloated that day!! But well, anyway, the glucose test was a little strange to him, because my basal glucose was a little high (102), but then, it went down a lot (72, I think I already told you this, but anyway). Thing is, if it was diabetes, the number should've gone up....so he thinks the test may be wrong (not well done)...so he sent me to do it again....and along with that, he told me to go to an endocrinologist (specialized in diabetes), to check the test and also because of my "a little excessive" weight gain...

You can imagine I wasn't very happy with the idea...I mean, is obvious this endocrinologist will tell me to only eat vegetables and so....and I'm so hungry!!!! Well, I'm going on may 3rd, so I still have some days to prepare myself sicologically to eat "healthy"...LOL!!!

Well, apart from that, everything is ok..on saturday my mom, sister and SIL went to see baby fabrics and baby clothes...so my little boy is getting more and more things for him!!!

I hope everything's ok for everyone in blogland...I'm very impressed about what happened in Virginia Tech Univ, it was really horrible!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

With the flu....

I'm not feeling very well right now, I'm coming down with a horrible flu, my throat hurts like it had been cut with a knife, I'm sneezing and all!

So I think I'm going home right now because as I can only take paracetamol, I'd rather stay in bed to recover a little bit....

Pregnancy related, I'm feeling pretty well, I get strange pains, like gases, in strange parts, but I've read it's part of the stretching or something like that. The baby constantly moves which is so comforting!! The only strange thing is that he moves more after I've eaten for example meat, spaghetti or any other meal, than when I eat chocolate, and I understand that babies move more with chocolate...but well, maybe he's too little and I don't feel his chocolate-movements! LOL...or maybe it depends on the position he is at the time I'm eating something!!

Last weekend we bought some things for him, some onesies (or how do you write it?) and the other day I also bought some "underwear"....he already has a box full of things for him! It's so exciting!

Well, and besides all the shopping we have to do, there's no much more going on. I'm 24 weeks today, that makes 16 more weeks of waiting...A LOT!!!! but well, I'm counting the days to my maternity leave (starting on 33-34 weeks)!! Fortunately, I will get my whole income those 126 days of legal maternity leave!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's a boy!!!

Finally!! we're through with the waiting to know what is our baby's sex...he's a healthy and big boy!!
We're going to call him "Manuel José" (I don't know if there's a translation for Manuel, but José is Joseph).

He's measuring 23.5 weeks, even though I'm only 22.5 weeks, but his head is already measuring 24.5!!! some big head!!!

Thank God, everything's normal, head, heart, stomach, well, everything!!

So we're really really happy, we spent the weekend visiting furniture stores, fabric stores, and a lot of things related with our baby!!!

Have a nice week!!