Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hi there!!

Well, hypocondriac as I am, I'm currently a little worried (that means, obsessing) because of some of my tests results. On monday I went with my mom to do a number of tests the doctor had gave me, including that glucose one (my mom had to do that one too, because she has some diabetes symptoms). Well, the glucose test I found it was quite well, but maybe I'm wrong. It started at 106 which is a little high, but then after taking that super sweet orange liquid, and waiting 2 hours, it went down to 72, so I don't know what does that means.

Anyway, it's the classic hemogram which has me worried, because I have too little lymphocites (I had to look up that word), only 18% of my white blood, and the minimum is 25%...I don't know what exactly does that means, I think is "low defenses", but maybe is something more serious!! To make things worse, in a part of the test that says how do the cells react to rubbing them, in the white ones it said "lymphopenia", which sounded pretty scary!! But well, after checking on google and asking my cousin (who's a doctor), it turned out that lymphopenia means "low count of lymphocites" back to the beginning.

I admit I've read some things in internet, but nothing too concluding or serious, most things I've read talk about the causes, but not what it means...Rationally, I know it's probably nothing, I may be about to get a cold or maybe it's pregnancy that's making all this, but I can't stop thinking about it. I already called my doctor so he'll return my call, probably late in the afternoon, but well, that's better than waiting until I see him again (april 13th)!!!

Anyway, the only 2 things that are keeping me from going crazy are: 1st: I had this same test taken some 3 months ago, and the doctor didn't find anything to worry about, and 2nd, my mom's results also showed little lymphocites, 21%, so if we both have low lymphocites, it can't be that strange...or serious!! LOL!!!

Well, apart from that (I'm ALWAYS worrying about something, so it's part of me), I've been feeling well, only VERY tired (who said tiredness subsided in the 2nd trimester!!), I'm constantly sleepy, even though I've been sleeping roughly 9 hours every day!!! My belly is very big, I like it a lot because it's very "pointed", you know? like a perfectly round ball, so it looks very cute!! Although my butt is big as a bicycle parking lot, I'm very happy with my belly!! LOL!!

On other symptoms, the baby is now kicking more and more strongly! Yesterday E felt him/her for the first time! He was so excited! We discovered he can detect the movements when the baby is "changing positions", more than when it's kicking. So well, at 21 weeks (and 2 days!), things are going pretty well, excepting that black dot in my happiness that is that exam, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll have that cleared already!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My Ob/Gyn appt went....uhmmm I could say...fairly well...

He did consider that I had gained too much weight in the last month, so he send me to check on my glucose, thyroid and blood in general....and he was a little worried about my bloated legs, because according to him, bloating shouldn't be a problem until about 30 well, all those exams will clear the doubts. There's a chance I could have diabetes, because my mother had when she was pregnant with my smallest well, next week I'll go and take those exams....

About the U/s, he said I should wait at least 3 weeks, I didn't quite understand why but it has something to do with these symptoms I'm having. I believe he wants to wait a little, because maybe the weight gain is because of the vacations (I ate A LOT) and the bloating because of the weather....

Anyway, we're so curious to know if everything's fine and if the baby is a boy or a girl, but well, this is all about waiting, so that's what we'll have to do!!! LOL

In the meantime, I'm planning on watching what I eat, because if I continue gaining weight at this rate...I will turn into a whale!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

So long....


Finally I'm back on these lands...I arrived some 10 days ago from my vacations, they were really great, we could rest a lot, talk a lot, and had a great time overall!!!!!

Last week was really hectic here at my office, so I didn't have much time to write, but now I'm here again!!!

Today I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and things have been going great. I have this HUGE belly now, which embarrases me a lot, because there has been a LOT of people who had told me "4.5 months? are you sure there are not twins inside?" or "4.5 have a huge belly"....I can't believe people can be so upsetting all the time, how can they not think "maybe she's a little fat, better not rub it in her face"....and by the way, how can they possibly know how's a belly supposed to look like at 4.5 months! I'm sure nobody remembers EXACTLY the size of their belly at certain week...less to say men!! I mean, how can they know!!!

Anyway, so after a whole week of receiving the "what a big belly" comments, I've decided to "cheat" a little, so now I'm telling everyone I'm 5 months or "almost 5 months", and the "huge belly" comments have stopped a little. The thing is, I'm very structured, so if my last period was on october 24th, it means that for example march 10th is exactly 4.5 months. But I heard a girl at the beauty parlor the other day saying that she was "almost" 4 months, but she had only 15 weeks!!! (that's barely 3.5 months!) It seems people change month every 4 weeks LOL!!

Well, apart from that, the most exciting thing that has happened to me lately is that I'm already feeling the baby!!!! I was a little worried because I'd read that you could feel it from week 16 and I wasn't feeling a thing, but my doctor told me that the first baby can be felt at 20 weeks more or less, so last week, on tuesday or wednesday (19ww+1 or 2 days) I felt something a little strange, that COULD have been a "gas", but it has kept going, and now it's clearly a knocking!!! In fact, I'm getting the knocking as I write right now!! It's very very exciting, but I'm looking forward to get to the point that E can feel him/her too!! It's very frustrating for him when he puts his hand on my belly and I say "now" and he doesn't feel a thing!!!

So that's what's going on around here, today I have an appt and hopefully, the doctor will give me an order for the 20-24 weeks U/S!! We're too curious to know if it's a boy or a girl!!!!! But I'm a little nervous because I think I gained something like 10 pounds this last I'm sure the doctor will lecture me!!!

I will now go and check on the other blogs!! Will keep you posted when I have news!!