Thursday, November 15, 2007

My son's almost 4 months already

Time has gone by so quickly! My little M will be 4 months old on monday!

I'm back to work (for more than a month), although I negociated with my boss that I could stay only until 2 pm and then work from my house.

My son's is really really delicious! He "talks" a lot, smiles a lot, and is constantly moving his legs, he's so cute!!!

I really can't write much longer now but I wanted to thank Marie for being worried about the earthquake of yesterday here in my country. It was really very far away from where I leave (I think more than 2,000 km) so I only felt a little "wave" that felt like dizziness.

Unfortunately there were 2 deads, and some serious damage, but well...nature's nature...

Hope to write more soon. In the meantime, a picture of my baby!!